somnio ergo sum

happy’rth day, fellow earth dwellers~






I am happy to introduce my first art class that will be provided in cooperation with - Character Concept Art: From Grayscale to Full Color Illustration. The class is currently being prepared and it will introduce the digital…

heads-up: is having a new year’s sale for all classes! if you enroll by 11:59pm EST on 1/10 you can get 25% off with code NEW25 

there is a president’s day sale on for all online classes - get 25% off with discount code PRESIDENT (expires monday, 2/17 at 11:59pm EST)

my class is now available through skillshare membership: for $9.95 a month you can get access to hundrets of amazing classes (my humble one included) in a variety of creative fields.

also, skillshare is now holding a contest in which you can win a lifetime of free membership (check the banner at the top of the page)! if you want to take part hurry up, the contest ends on April 22nd, 2014 11:59 PM EST - that’s less than a day! good luck~

Anonymous sent:

i dont know if its me or your theme but I dont see like/reblog on any of your posts! just letting you know in case other people have the same problem

i think the theme might be broken.. no idea how that happened, i’ll do my best to change it asap but it might take me a while.

thank you for bringing this to my attention!

"dibs on the heart!" i proclaim as new tasks are being assigned.

as the only girl, it’s my job to draw all the hearts.

hearts and other internal organs..

Anonymous sent:


i am definitely flattered anon. sadly, i am already married to my work..

(it’s an abusive relationship)

in other news, happy easter~